Help for Service Seekers

Credits Allocation

This shows the number of Credits currently allocated to the session. This is topped up automatically from your Credits balance.

Credits Allocation

This pops up a box with stats such as frame rate, bandwidth and total time in session.

Credits Allocation

You can switch the audio alerts off/on. These are the audible chimes heard when someone enters the room or types a message.

Use the magnifying glass to zoom in and out of the video.

Zoom has two sizes, 1.5x and 2.0x. Once selected, resize the player window and the player willl resize automatically to fit the browser window.

Use this option to view the video in fullscreen mode.

Press the 'Esc' key on your keyboard to exit fullscreen mode.

Some DirectCam performers broadcast live audio with the video.

Use the slider to increse/decrease the volume or click the speeaker icon to mute the audio.

Why use DirectCam?

  • You can have a free preview of the service provider on cam, before paying anything
  • Cam now for as long as you like and only pay for your online time
  • No need to pre-book, await acceptance and then confirm
  • No need to install messaging programs or other software
  • Instant, hassle free viewing with no risk of performer "no shows"


What are the different modes?

1 - Free

  • a shared preview area where you can view the service providers webcam and chat with them for up to three minutes
  • this mode has reduced video quality and audio is available if provided
  • it is unlikely that a service provider will engage in any adult activity in free mode

2 - Group

  • a shared paid for area where you and other members that are paying can view the service providers webcam and chat with them
  • if the service provider supports audio you will hear them
  • your session length is only limited by your available credits balance which will be debited automatically at the rate shown next to the group link

3 - Private

  • a one-to-one private room with only yourself and the service provider
  • if the service provider supports audio you will hear them and your credits account will be debited based on the private rate shown
    next to the private link.

In Group and Private modes the camera/picture quality is only limited by the service providers hardware and Internet connection speeds.

If you start in Free mode, you can go in to Group or Private modes by clicking on the "Go Private" button within the chat area.


What do the coloured words mean?


This indicates that the performer is available to chat in Free, Group or Private mode. You can select which mode to enter the session in by clicking on Free, Group or Private.


This indicates that the performer is currently chatting in Group mode and you can join in on the fun!


This indicates that the performer is currently in a Private one-2-one session and is unavailable to chat at this time.


How does the billing work?

  • Your credits account is debited automatically based on the duration of the session and the per minute rate
    set by the service provider for the type of session you have, (group or private).
  • You are billed per second, not per minute and billing only starts when the server is sure that you are pulling video from it,
    (sometimes there is a short delay before the picture shows, you are not charged at this point).
  • To dispel timewasters you must have sufficient credits to conduct a minimum of a 3 minute session. Your account will be debited each minute thereafter.
  • If the session lasts less than what you have paid for you will be refunded the difference immediately.


How do I get notifications of forthcoming shows that might interest me? TV was designed along the lines of a TV Schedule where popular Service Providers could advertise specific themed shows.

  • Have a look at the schedule (click here)
  • if a show takes your fancy you can express your interest to the Service Provider by clicking on the show title and selecting the relevant option


What software do I need to view the shows?

The DirectCam Player should work on almost any browser on PC, Mac and Unix operating systems.  The following table lists the various combinations that have been tested.  The mode will be automatically selected based on your installed software.

Flash H.264 plugin mode (Get Flash)

  • PC - IE, Firefox, Opera, AOL, Netscape, Safari
  • Mac - Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • Linux - Firefox 1.5+, Mozilla 1.7+, SeaMonkey 1.0.5+
  • Flash version 9.0.115 or above is required.
    please wait...

Silverlight 2 plugin mode (Get Silverlight 2)

  • PC - IE, FireFox 2.0+
  • Mac - (Intel) Safari 2.0+, FireFox 2.0+
  • Linux - Requires Moonlight from Mono project

Windows Media Player mode

  • PC - IE6, IE7, FireFox 2.0, Opera 9
  • Mac - Safari 3.0, FireFox 2.0, with Flip4Mac plugin (get Flip4Mac)

At this time we would urge Mac users to install Silverlight 2.



More information about DirectCam can be found here and in the Help Centre.

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